In 2015, Southern TOHOKU Hospital Group (STHG) was appointed the business operator of a hub for health, medical care, and welfare in Setagaya-ku of Tokyo. Construction of Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya started in September 2017 and was completed in April 2019. It is a multifunctional complex consisting of rehabilitation hospital, long-term care facilities for the elderly, and support facilities for persons with disabilities. We provide medical rehabilitation for patients who have completed acute phase treatment until their returning home. We also give return home support/home life support to the elderly and community living support to the persons/children with disabilities.


Our social role is to make contribution to people’s quality of life (QOL) through rehabilitation services. At our center, we off¬er continuous learning opportunities to the sta¬ff to help them gain new skills and expertise. Additionally, we are dedicated to injecting vitality into Setagaya-ku by providing peace of mind and well-being.


Rehabilitation Hospital

With a total bed capacity of 92, our hospital is outfitted with the latest rehabilitation equipment to provide convalescent rehabilitation using cutting-edge technology 365 days a year. In particular, our strength is that we provide advanced medical rehabilitation in collaboration with long-term care and the care for persons with disabilities.


Services for the elderly
  • Long-term Care Health Facility (Capacity: 100 people):A facility to provide return home support/home life support. We aim to provide necessary rehabilitation during a 3-month period of stay. All rooms are individual rooms.
  • Day Care Rehabilitation (Capacity: 75 people):There are two types of day care rehabilitation. One is short-term rehabilitation; the other is long-term rehabilitation that provides meals and bathing services.
  • Recuperative Outpatient Long-term Care (Capacity: 9 people):A day service for people who have high medical needs but have difficulty receiving general day service, such as patients with terminal cancer and incurable diseases.
  • Day Care for People with Dementia (Capacity: 12 people):Specialized services for people who have been diagnosed with dementia in order to slow further deterioration. Nursing care such as meals, bathing, excretion, various types of life consultation, and health condition report is offered.
  • Home-visit Office:Nurses, rehabilitation workers, care managers are enrolled at five home-visit offices to provide services for people who have difficulty living at home.

Home-visit services include:

◆ Home-based long-term care support

◆ Home-visit long-term care

◆ Home-visit nursing care

◆ Home-visit rehabilitation

◆ Regular home visitation and as-needed visitation long-term care and nursing services


Services for persons / children with disabilities
  • Inpatient Support Facilities (Capacity: 60 people):Various support in daily life is provided for persons with disabilities to improve their living abilities with the aim of a better life in either their homes or group homes.
  • Life Care (Capacity: 60 people):Life care services for facility users and residents of Setagaya-ku are provided, including productive activities, fun activities, leisure activities, and self-reliance training.
  • Self-reliance Training (Capacity: 30 people):Our professional rehabilitation workers provide self-reliance training for persons with disabilities for a certain period of time to help them carry out daily and social life.
  • Child Development Support (Capacity: 70 people):The training is provided for preschoolers with disabilities to develop life skills and social adaptive capability.
  • After-School Day Service (Capacity: 30 people):Various after-school activities are offered to school children.
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