Chairman of the Board:Dr. Kazuo Watanabe Director:Dr. Jun Asari Bed capacity:92 Daily maximal number of inpatients and resident clients: 188 Daily maximal number of outpatients and non-resident clients: 286 Number of staff:400


In 2015, Southern TOHOKU Welfare Group was appointed as the authorized collaborator in Umegaoka of Setagaya Ward to conduct a large-scale project for elderly and disabled people. Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya began construction on September 2017 and held its grand opening on April 2019. It is a complex consisting of recovery rehabilitation hospital, long-term care facilities for seniors, and support facilities for people (children) with disabilities.


Rehabilitation Hospital
Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya features Rehabilitation Hospital with a bed strength of 92. We provide OPD services, rehabilitation medicine for those who have completed acute care, return home support for seniors, and community life support for the disabled. With latest rehabilitation equipment lineup, rehabilitation medicine using advanced technology is available 365 days a year.


Long-term Care Facilities for Seniors
  • Long-term Care Health Facilities (100-bed capacity): elderly residents stay for three months aiming to return home after completing rehabilitation. All rooms are individual rooms.
  • Day Care Rehabilitation (80-bed capacity): short-term type specializes in rehabilitation; long-term type provides meal and bathing services.
  • Recuperative Outpatient Long-term Care (9-client capacity): day services for seniors who have demand for health care but have difficulty obtaining general day services, such as terminal cancer and incurable diseases.
  • Dementia Day Services (12-client capacity): specialized services for seniors who have been diagnosed with dementia to slow down the process of deterioration. We provide consultation on meal, bathing, excretion, confirmation of health condition, rehabilitation services, etc.
  • Home-visit Services:We offer 5 different types of services, including Home-based Long-term Care Support, Home-visit Long-term Care, Home-visit Nursing Care, Home-visit Rehabilitation, and Regular Home-visitation/As-needed Visitation Long-term Care and Nursing services. We assign nurses, rehabilitation workers, care workers, and care managers to provide 24hr care services for seniors who have difficulties living at home.


Support Facilities for People (Children) with Disabilities
  • Support facilities for people with disabilities (60-client capacity): we provide various support in daily life for people with disabilities to improve their abilities to live at home and in the community as independently as possible in the future.
  • Daily Life Care (60-client capacity): clients and residents in Setagaya Ward perform activities of daily living (ADLs), such as productive activities, fun activities, leisure activities, and basic self-care activities.
  • Self-support Training (30-client capacity): necessary training for the disabled is provided by specialists, such as rehabilitation workers, to carry out daily and social life.
  • Child Development Support (50-child capacity): the training is provided for disabled preschool children to develop life skills and ability to group adaption.
  • After-School Day Service (20-child capacity): various activities are provided for disabled children after school.


Our mission is to provide community rehabilitation services to improve the quality of life for everyone. We value manpower retraining to ensure professional development of every employee in welfare fields. Furthermore, we are committed to realizing a community where people live lives with peace of mind and building a vibrant community spirit of Setagaya Ward.

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