Dr. Yasushi Teranishi
Southern TOHOKU General Hospital


Life is moving. People are prone to life-changing illness or injuries. Southern TOHOKU General Hospital is here to be a hand in times of need.


At our hospital, all employees regardless of the title and rank fulfill patient needs. More than 30 specialties integrate advanced medical technology, wide clinical experience, and staff with a rich sense of humanity to manage the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention, and health promotion. We take team approach to resolve your health problems and improve your health.


As a surgeon, I have been active in education, research, and clinical practice for more than 40 years. I am currently working as the superintendent of Southern TOHOKU General Hospital to improve the quality, efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction of healthcare services through better management.


I value the time spent in outpatient departments, patient wards, and operating rooms rather than the time spent in the superintendent office in order to obtain information and knowledge to improve the quality of care and medical management within the whole hospital.


I will make all-out efforts to provide advanced healthcare services across the borders of languages and cultures.

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