State-of-the-art hybrid OR in operation: new light in cardiovascular center
A hybrid operating room (OR) is a surgical theater equipped with a surgical table and a cardiovascular X-ray imaging device. Endovascular treatment (EVT) performed in the catheter room could be done more safely in the hybrid OR because hybrid OR combines the capabilities of a surgical theater with the latest technology of interventional imaging.
Cardiovascular X-ray imaging device is the centerpiece of a hybrid OR. Southern TOHOKU General Hospital has installed Japan’s first Allia IGS 7 system, the second-generation mobile angiography system developed by GE Healthcare for the hybrid OR. The rail-free system runs along a preset track and can be moved to the surgical table when needed. The possibility of the use of hybrid OR has been expanded because the IGS 7 system brings full mobility to the workstation and enable multi-disciplinary teams to change dose conditions.
At our cardiovascular center, we will utilize the state-of-the-art hybrid OR to perform stent-grafts for aortic aneurysm and catheter treatment of peripheral obstructive diseases. In addition, the hybrid OR combines a conventional surgery with interventional procedure. In the future, we aim to conduct simultaneous catheter treatment of valvular heart disease and catheter treatment of coronary artery lesions plus bypass surgery for producing less invasive and better treatment outcomes.
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