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About Immune Cell Therapy

Human body is originally equipped with protective capacity with immune cells, which are capable to control cancer. Immune cell therapy is treatment modalities boosting human body’s defense capacity against various risks. In immune cell therapy, blood samples are safely taken from a patient for culture. Immune cells are activated and generated in vitro. The expanded cells are injected into a patient to kill cancer cells.




In our facility, cell processing laboratory is accredited by Japanese government and applies patented technology to immune cell culture. Immune cell therapy is managed by professional specialists with tens of thousands clinical cases. In addition, we also offer multidisciplinary treatment planning of hyperthermia, low-dose cancer chemotherapy and proton beam therapy for patients.





Immune cell therapy works for most kinds of cancers. It is effective in cancer recurrence and prevention. Besides, it can shrink and slow growth of tumors. In some cases, tumors were observed to disappear after treatment.



Side Effects

Immune cell therapy which uses a patient’s own immune cells to activate can cause mild side effects. Symptoms can mimic flu-like, fever and very minor allergic responses. There is no cause for concern about life-threatening side effects.




In addition to cancer prevention, cancer recurrence and palliative treatment, immune cell therapy is used in patients who receive standard regimens of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to strengthen their immune system. Furthermore, immune cell therapy is expected to improve outcomes and reduce side effects while undergoing standard cancer treatment.



Our Medical Team

Dr. Hiroshi Terunuma
Vice Superintendent, Tokyo Clinic


Great care starts with great immune cell therapy specialist. Meet Dr. Terunuma and his team at Tokyo Clinic located within walking distance of Tokyo station or Southern TOHOKU General Hospital in Koriyama City. His team also provides adipose tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) regenerative therapy for non-cancer patients with liver damage. We are here to connect you to better health and hope.


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