Dr. Jun Asari
Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya


Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya is a multi-function complex set up in Setagaya Ward of Tokyo under the Umetopia Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a cooperation hub for public health, medical care, and welfare. This center plays the roles of rehabilitation hospital, long-term care facilities for seniors, and support facilities for people (children) with disabilities.


Specifically, we provide rehabilitation medicine for those who have completed acute treatment of stroke or femoral fractures before returning home. We also provide recuperative care (short-term and long-term types) for seniors having difficulty living at home as well as support facilities for people (children) with disabilities.


Southern TOHOKU Hospital Group (STHG), which is in charge of operations of this center, has extensive experience in health and welfare. STHG consists of more than 100 medical, nursing and welfare facilities and 7,500 employees. I feel honored with the appointment as the authorized collaborator to conduct this PPP project.


We are committed to realizing a community where people live lives with peace of mind and building a vibrant community spirit of Setagaya Ward.

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