Dr. Jun Asari
Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya


Tokyo Rehabilitation Center Setagaya, a multifunctional complex, was established in Umetopia under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) project conducted by Setagaya-ku of Tokyo. Umetopia, a compound word of Umegaoka and Utopia, was created with a wish of a utopia creation in Umegaoka of Setagaya-ku. Our center has become a cooperation hub for health, medical care, and welfare and plays the roles of a rehabilitation hospital, a long-term care facility for the elderly, and a support facility for persons with disabilities.


Specifically, rehabilitation is provided for patients who have completed acute treatment for stroke or femoral fractures until their returning home. We also provide care support (short-term stay and long-term admission) for persons with disabilities and the elderly who live in their own homes. Outpatient services for children with disabilities are o¬ffered at our center as well.


Southern TOHOKU Hospital Group (STHG), which is in charge of managing the center, has extensive experience and achievements. STHG currently employs 8,500 employees and operates more than100 facilities providing health care, long-term care, and welfare services. I feel honored that our center was appointed the business operator in this PPP project.


With support from the communities, we strain ourselves realizing vibrant communities where people have comfortable and familiar lifelong living.

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