Tokyo General Health and Welfare Center Egota-no-Mori is a large-scale complex to provide long-term care services and support for the elderly and disabled. In collaboration with neighboring Tokyo General Hospital, we give return home support/home life support to the elderly, deliver nursing care to people who have difficulty living at home, and provide living support for the disabled.


We have installed the latest equipment to provide better services, such as power rehabilitation machine and ozone deodorizers. We also introduce the cloud computing record system which is essential for facility service management. We collaborate with local medical institutions to serve as a bridge between care and welfare and a base of social welfare so that residents can live happily.


Inpatient facilities for the elderly
  • Care House (Capacity: 60 people):We provide life support for the elderly who don’t need medical care (oxygen therapy, suction, and drip infusion at home) but have difficulty living at home.
  • Intensive care home for the elderly (Capacity: 120 people, 20 of them are short-term admission):It is a facility that gives necessary nursing care in a homely atmosphere to the elderly who need constant care and have difficulty living at home.
  • Long-term Care Health Facility (Capacity: 100 people):It is a facility that provides rehabilitation nursing and long-term care services for the elderly people who need long-term care with the goal of returning home under a doctor’s supervision.


Outpatient facilities for the elderly
  • Day Care Rehabilitation Center (Capacity: 95 people):We provide rehabilitation training for those who return home from hospital or inpatient facility.
  • Day Service Center / Egota-no-Mori Annex (Capacity: 57 people / Capacity: 47 people):We provide services of meals, bathing, and recreation for the elderly living in their homes.
  • Home Service:We dispatch nurses, rehabilitation workers, and caregivers to clients’ homes to enable them to live with peace of mind.


Facilities for the disabled with severe physical and intellectual disabilities
  • Support Facility for Persons with Disabilities (Capacity: 40 people for inpatient, 70 people for outpatient, and 4 people for short-term admission):We provide various types of support in daily life for persons with disabilities.
  • Group Home for Persons with disabilities (Capacity: 8 people, 1 of them is short-term admission):A group home for persons with relatively minor disabilities. It is a 5-minute walk from our center.
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