The majority of cancer patients treated in Southern TOHOKU Proton Bean Therapy Center do not talk much about their experiences. In the process of fighting against cancers, they must encounter various difficulties and bitterness. Confronting the diseases is not easy for patients and families.


The reality of life is sometimes heartless. Even though Proton Beam Therapy is an excellent treatment method, some patients cannot receive this treatment because of the nature of their cancer and its location. In some cases, unexpected metastases are sometimes detected in pre-treatment examinations.


Southern TOHOKU Proton Beam Therapy Center can propose the best available countermeasures and treatment approaches even under complicated situations of disease. Patient- centeredness is one of the most important core values of our Center.


With you, we share some patient feedback obtained in a regular questionnaire conducted in 2018.
  • I had been hospitalized for 40 days and looked after attentively. I was impressed by nursing care and thoughtful attitudes.Caring for patient in wheelchair like me is exhausting for care givers. The patient-centered care given by nursing staff impressed me deeply.

    When I was accompanied by temporary pneumonia, nursing staff kindly looked after me without a slightest look of annoyance, even though unfavorable events such as loss of consciousness occurred in me. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone in Proton Therapy Center.

  • The staff of Proton Therapy Center was very gracious. My fears had been quickly dispelled. One and a half months of treatment seemed long but shorter than I imagined. Thank you very much for your care and attention.

  • Waiting time for hospital cashier: I came to this hospital from distant place and much concerned about transit bus schedules. Hospital cashiers were considerate of me to ensure my commute to Shinkansen was smooth, and I very much appreciate this.Radiation technologists: radiation technologists nicely explained each step of treatment so I could calmly receive proton therapy. I’m indebted for taking time to well take care of me.

  • Staff correspondence was wonderful. Patients coming to Proton Therapy Center have suffered from cancers and are somewhat anxious. Administration staff politely adapt kneeling stance to explain treatment procedures to patients waiting in the lobby.

    Radiation technologists were courteous to patients and never slowed in their movements. They moved quickly in a tense atmosphere in the treatment room. Nurses were kind to ease patients’ fears. It was really nice to me that they maintained the gentle manner in their daily care and check-up.

    Thirty-seven times/eight weeks of proton beam irradiation was quite a long period of time. I was in good hands without worry symptoms. Thank you for medical service your provided.

  • I’d like to show my appreciation to doctors, nurses, radiation technologists, and administration staff. Proton therapy results in a small physical burden on patients and is widely accepted as one of cancer treatment options. I stay positive about continued treatment.



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