Frequently Asked Questions

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Q 1
Is it safe to visit Koriyama after 2011 disaster?
A 1

The level of environmental radiation after the earthquake and tsunami has been continuously falling ever since. The Japanese government established a network of environmental radiation monitoring. Real time environmental radiation readings around Fukushima Prefecture and Japan can be found on the pages of The Nuclear Regulation Authority ( local government also investigated extensive sampling foods before they hit the market.

Q 2
Do I need a referral from a physician to schedule an appointment?
A 2

Referrals are needed to see specialists at STHG. Please download “Patient Referral Form” at

Q 3
How do I arrange interpreter services?
A 3

If you do not speak Japanese, our staff of Division of International Healthcare Services is available to attend appointments with you and assist with Mandarin Chinese and English. For other languages, please contact our Division of International Healthcare Services to arrange language assistance at an additional cost.

Q 4
Is an initial deposit is required?
A 4

The initial deposit, an estimate of hospital bill based on diagnosis, is payable before or at admission. An additional deposit will be required when your hospital charges exceed the initial deposit paid. The hospital will refund you the excess payment at the time of discharge.

Q 5
Is there a financial assistance program for international patients?
A 5

Unfortunately, we do not have a program to offer financial assistance for patients, who are not covered by Japanese government health insurance system.

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