Dr. Hiroshi Kanamori
Tokyo Clinic


I’m Hiroshi Kanamori, and I have been appointed as the Superintendent of Tokyo Clinic from April 1, 2022, succeeding Dr. Haruhiro Miyazaki. After graduating from Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo, I specialized in Gastroenterology at the University of Tokyo Hospital. Also, I engaged in clinical and research work at Kyoto University, University of Illinois, Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, and National Institute of Health and Nutrition. On behalf of Tokyo Clinic, we will contribute our humble efforts and make use of experience to fulfill our responsibilities.


Tokyo clinic has a wide range of medical specialties. Excellent doctors in each department provide prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment using advanced medical equipment, such as multislice CT, MRI, iDXA (a precise bone densitometer), and PET-CT.


In years to come, we will put more emphasis on health checkups to help people with daily health management. Our clinic provides not only regular health checkup packages, but an MRI brain scan. For women, we offer gynecological examination and breast cancer screening using digital mammography and ultrasonography. In addition to the conventional endoscopy, we perform either trans-nasal endoscopy (TNE) or sedated endoscopy to improve patient comfort.


The year 2022 marks 16 years since Tokyo Clinic was opened in Otemachi in 2006. Our clinic is located in conjunction with Otemachi Station, which is a five-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station. We continue providing safe and secure medical services and look forward to welcoming patients and their families.


As the Superintendent, it’s my mission to provide sophisticated healthcare services to meet every patient’s needs and to encourage employees to work with a sense of calling. In future, we move forward together aiming at high quality, safety, and warmth of healthcare. I’d like to ask for your continued support.

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