Dr. Haruhiro Miyazaki
Tokyo Clinic


Tokyo Clinic is located within walking distance to Tokyo Central Railway Station. Our clinic has been recognized as “Medical Compass” to provide multi-specialty medical care since its grand opening on October 1, 2006.


As the superintendent of Tokyo Clinic and Professor Emeritus at Juntendo University, I specialize in internal medicine and pain management for relieving diff-erent types of chronic pain, including cancer pain.


Our Neurosurgical team is led by the world-famous Dr. Takanori Fukushima (Professor of Duke University, USA), who is known for “God’s Hands”, has developed a unique surgical technique called “Keyhole Surgery”. Besides, we formulate patient-centered treatment options using advanced diagnostic imaging equipment in guiding faster examination and diagnoses.


Tokyo Clinic performs a primary medical gateway to o¬ffer specialized medical care by reliable medical specialists and recommend hospital-based services in Tokyo based on patients’ needs. As an affiliate of Southern TOHOKU Hospital Group (STHG), we collaborate with Southern TOHOKU Proton Therapy Center to provide consultation and referral services in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


We are pleased to welcome you to visit our clinic. You will enjoy comfortable travel and cultural immersion in Tokyo.

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