Board Chairman:Dr. Kazuo Watanabe Superintendent:Dr. Haruhiro Miyazaki Number of Staff:88Clinical Specialties:22 specialties Major Function of Clinic:Urban setting clinic for specialized OPD services


Located in the Heart of Tokyo with Accessibility to NRT/HND Airports

Our clinic is close to Tokyo Central Railway Station, with a five-minute walking distance from the station’s North Marunouchi Exit. Tokyo city, where Tokyo clinic is located, is the most dynamic city in Japan. You can enjoy pleasurable travel, cultural experience as well as the best medical services. In addition, you can easily connect to Narita Airport and Haneda Airport with diverse transportations within an hour.


The Latest Cancer Immunotherapy as a TOP Clinic in Tokyo

Cancers are on the rise. Combined immunotherapy and hyperthermia are used by our professional medical team to take care of cancer patients. Excellent results with low risk are achieved by using the newest medical facilities.


The World’s Leading Neurosurgery Team Provides Specialized Care

We offer a comprehensive range of OPD service to treat neurological and neurosurgical disorders. Our Neurosurgery team is led by the world-famous Dr. Takanori Fukushima (Professor of Duke University, USA) who established the “Keyhole Surgery” to minimize the size of the craniotomy, reduce risk and shorten recovery time for patients to get favorable results. In case if surgical interventions are required for patients, we offer access to the latest surgical innovation in collaboration with our hospital group’s affiliated hospitals to provide further diagnosis, treatment and prognosis observation.


Seamless Referral Services to Make Access Easy

As part of our outpatient care, we provide counseling on every variety of diseases and provide accurate diagnosis and treatment. We also offer referral services to ensure that patients meet their medical needs at our group’s affiliated Tokyo General Hospital and Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital in Tokyo area as well as Southern TOHOKU General Hospital in Koriyama.

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