Southern TOHOKU Hospital Group stipulates the statement of “Patient Rights and Responsibilities” in order that patients, their family members and health care providers are able to closely work together under “partnership” for achieving problem-solving related to the patients’ health conditions and realizing “Quality of Life”.


Understanding patient rights and responsibilities by both patients and health care providers will help facilitate effective communication and mutual trust. We ensure that all the patients have the right to receive relevant, quality, equitable health care and treatment.


Please read patient rights and responsibilities outlined below. We look forward to working hand in hand and creating a healthy and harmonious medical environment.


Patient Rights

Each patient has the right to:


1. Considerate and respectful equitable health care under obtainable best medical standard.

2. Be fully informed in his or her health status and contents of care whenever necessary.

3. Receive care based on his or her decision-making based in selecting options if available.

4. Seek second opinion to other doctors based on his or her needs.

5. Have an access to his or her own medical records, diagnosis certificate, and the medical receipt and statement.

6. Be protected his or her personal privacy and personal information against unnecessary disclosure to the third parties.


Patient Responsibilities

Each patient is responsible for:

1. Providing, to the best of his or her knowledge, accurate and complete information about matters related to his or her health.

2. Asking questions when he or she is not convinced of information until full understanding.

3. Being considerate and respectful to other patients, hospital personnel, and hospital property, and obeying hospital rules and regulations.

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