Our Mission

Southern TOHOKU Hospital Group aims to achieve the mission of “Excellence Japan for Your Health and Hope” by means of available resources under the Group.The Group achieves its mission through upholding 6 core values.


Our Six Core Values

1. Patient-Centeredness Healthcare

2. Team Approach in Care-Providing

3. Advanced Technology

4. Quality Commitment

5. Japanese Excellence in Hospitality

6. Customer Satisfaction

In order to realize the above core values, the following six commitments are set for the sake of continuing improvement in quality of services.


Six Commitments

1. We respect equity in service provision.

2. We respect patients’ decisions based on relevant explanation of medical staff.

3. We preserve patients’ privacy.

4. We inform medical information timely to the patients.

5. We train ourselves continuingly for better services.

6. We preserve patients’ dignity for their quality of lives.

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